Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

One of the best Chicken Rice Shop in Malacca is Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball at Jonker Walk.

This is the original Chicken Rice Ball shop and the taste here is simply incomparable to the newer competitors.

This outlet has been operating in the small corner for decades and long queue outside the shop is a normal sight. Best time to come is before or after lunch hour.

When it is your turn while queuing, there will be a lady who will take your order from the entrance and directed to your table.

Hoe Kee is also famous for its Asam Fish Head but we didn't order it this time as we reckon we can't finish it.

The Chicken Rice Ball with the chicken. According to their calculation, 5 balls of chicken rice is the right portion for a person.

The chicken here is tender with smooth slippery skin. It is this chicken that made Hoe Kee famous.

We also ordered a plate of cabbage. Nothing much to shout about it and it's pretty dull.

Further down the restaurant, there is another spacious hall with an open roof.

I don't really have the proper break down but the total cost worked out to be RM16.40 (including 2 cups of barley drink)


wenn said...

i think it's still the same as normal chicken rice.

Ensurai said...

Hahahaha..the shop was so crowded when my family went there. The q was 30 people long!! On a hot afternoon it can be really "tiring" your photos.

Johnny Ong said...

lots of good food found in malacca indeed