Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

Pullman Hotel Putrajaya is another of the very few hotels available at strategic location within Putrajaya.

Located at Precint 5, just adjacent to the Putrajaya Water Sports Complex (Precinct 6). It can be reached from Putrajaya Sentral via Nadiputra bus no. 601

It has 4 different wings with 4 different themes (Malay, Chinese, Indian and Borneo) that represents the harmonious population in Malaysia

It has an iconic clock tower at the centre of its compound between all the 4 wings.

There is a nice garden at the Borneo Wing which is infused with Iban's architecture. I already feel like back home just by hanging around here.

There is also a lounge with comfortable sofa in one of the wing, perfect for the visitor to unwind.

I have no idea how the room here looks like but I reckon it should be up to the mark as with any other 5 star hotel.

The hotel is located just beside the Putrajaya lake. It has a restaurant which floats above the lake and a perfect setting for a romantic dinner at night.


reanaclaire said...

I heard there is a nice park there but very quiet.. i think i wont go there.. can see how it looks like already from your photos here..

TZ said...

Pullman hotel will be a good place if you need a quiet environment for relaxation...

HenRy LeE ® said...

nice environment, love the architecture... looks very comfy place

Medie007 said...

ran passed the hotel in the last new balance run... looks deserted to me...

Julie said...

It is fantastic that you feel at home! That "living room" seems comfortable and the sofas make me want to have a nap on them. The clock tower is an innovative construction, I wonder how it looks from the inside.
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