Sunday, April 3, 2011

ASEAN Sculpture Garden

ASEAN Sculpture Garden is a beautiful garden along Parlimen Road. I reached this garden after 15 minutes walk from the Masjid Jamek LRT station. Everyone should able to spot this garden while en route to the Parliament building or the National Monument.

This uniquely landscaped garden is home to the large collection of prize winning sculptures which are crafted in wood, iron, marble and bamboo.

The exhibits are all skilfully crafted end products of the ASEAN region's best artists.

The "Growth" is a twenty slabs arranging in a low profile to the 'Tumpal' "Shape Pointing" upwards which symbolize the dynamic growth of the ASEAN region during the first 20 years. The sculpture was designed by a Malaysian artist called Syed Ahmad Jamal.

This stainless steel sculpture was designed by a Thai artist, Itthi Khongkhakul. It was given the title "Progress". The concept of using stainless steel is because it is an industrial material which signify the industrial progress of ASEAN. Stainless steel pipes, despite their limitations, can be handled in a creative manner and made to look beautiful.

The six sculptures which are position in a circle is a work of art by a Singaporean artist, Han Sai Por. Made from Malaysian marble, the 6 sculptures symbolize the progress in growth, unity, peace and harmony of ASEAN.

This structure is designed by Jerusalino V. Araos, an artist from Philippines. It was named "Barong-barong" and is a modern interpretation of old type architecture existing in the whole of ASEAN region. It is made stainless steel and glass.

The garden is located adjacent to the National Monument but somehow the garden does not receive much attention from visitors who had visited the National Monument.


Carol said...

They didnt really maintain the garden well, did they.. anyway, i never been there before..

wenn said...

then i had overlooked the garden..

escape said...

that's when you get to be in two beautiful place at one time. for sure the national monument is a great site.