Thursday, March 3, 2011

Port Klang

Port Klang is the main port for Malaysia and also serves as the port for the Klang Valley.

There is nothing much to bring a traveller to Port Klang except for the day trip to Pulau Ketam for fresh seafood and for the ferry links to Dumai and Tanjung Balai Asahan in Sumatra, Indonesia. The ferry terminal is now currently undergoing some upgrading work.

Port Klang actually consists of three distinct ports. The port nearest to Port Klang town is known as South Port. The other ports are called North Port and Westport which is located some distance away from the town.

There are a few ways to reach here by public transport. The easiest way would be taking the KTM Komuter. The trip from KL Sentral (RM4.30) will take about 80 minutes. The train route passed Subang Jaya (RM 2.90), Shah Alam and Klang. The Port Klang railway station is located opposite the ferry terminal.

The Port Klang bus terminal is located about 5 minutes walk from the rail station with bus connectivity to KL and Klang.

It must be more than 5 years or so since I last been to Port Klang and I notice a few physical changes here. The most obvious new structure here is the Giant mall.

Somehow, business is slow here as not many people shop here. However, its location is ideal for the mariners and seamen who call at the nearby South Port.

A new immigration building has also been completed opposite the Giant mall. Previously, the Immigration Department rented a space in a building not far away from the railway station.

A few blocks of new shop houses behind the Giant mall had been completed and house a few government agencies and banks.

There is also a newly set up Police Marine base just opposite the port area.

This open field here is a historical landmark for Port Klang. This is where the early Indian immigrants first landed in Peninsular Malaysia and were assembled here by the British in 1900.

The wet market in Port Klang is probably one of the oldest structure here and still withstood the test of time. This is still a bustling place in the early morning.

D'Tavern restaurant and pub would be the best place for boozes and best western food around here.

The town itself still remain pretty much the same with old shop houses still standing strong.

This shop house ruin has been here for like forever but still present itself as a perfect opportunity for photo shot.

There isn't much to do around here unless one is here on shipping business. It's a slow pace town and it might be a good idea to sit at a restaurant and watch the world go by while you enjoy your food and drink.

An interesting kolam at Jalan Limbungan

Hotel Embassy is the only place to stay while in town. It's cheap (RM60-80) and located at the heart of the town. However, I wouldn't recommend anyone to stay here as it is filthy and I developed body itchiness while sleeping here. This hotel is also been used by the prostitutes as their operational area.

A better option to stay would be Crystal Crown Harbour View Hotel which is about 3-4km away from the town


Mama The Explorer said...

Hi Salam kenal,
i went there too last weekend.
nice photoshoot

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

The hotel sure looks filthy.

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