Monday, October 11, 2010

OverTime and Starker Fresh Beer

Starker Beer is a brand new beer in town and I believe not many people are aware of it. Starker beer claimed it brewed the freshest beer in Malaysia. The word "Starker" is derived from a German word that means "stronger". Starker literally revives an old world style of beer drinking, offering strong, unrivaled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer connoisseurs have missed for generations.

In Malaysia, I believe only OverTime outlets are given the privilege of serving Starker Beer. This one is an outlet in Puchong at IOI Boulevard.

It has an open air concept with barrels as the table stand. Starker actually guarantees the freshness of the beer with a strict 7 days shelf life policy and served straight from the barrel, best consumed at 3 degree Celcius. I remember seeing an announcement in the local paper few months back that they are out of beer for a certain intervals due to high demand. Hence, there are unable to supply the beer to the outlets due to their strict quality control.

Starker words are written all over the outlets. The happy hour here is from 12pm until 7pm where patron can get 1 pint of free Starker Beer when ordering a pint of it (RM34.50 nett). Then from 7pm to 9pm, one will get half pint when ordering a pint of Starker Beer. They also sell a barrel of Starker Beer which is equivalent to 10 pints for RM300++

There is not much options in term of food and snack to order in the menu to go with the beer. I end up ordering Tuna Sandwich (RM14.95) which could have been better

There are 2 types of Starker Beer here, Starker Lager & Staker Aromatic. In my first visit, I opted for Aromatic. Starker Aromatic has golden yellow in appearance, a medium bodied beer with a fresh fruity hints and herbal aroma. Malty sweet in taste with apparent citrus notes, leading to a refreshingly clean and crisp after taste.

I would rate Starker Beer as a really good beer. It's much better than Carlsberg, Tiger, Heineken and Anchor Beer but inferior to some German wheat beers I tried to date such as Paulaner, Konig Ludwig and Franziskaner. I will definitely be back again to taste its Starker Lager beer.

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Weissbier said...

Agreed that Paulaner, Konig Ludwig, Franziskaner, Erdinger is better than the Starker.... =)