Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paulaner Wheat Beer Natural

After searching high and low for Paulaner beer, I finally found an outlet called Weissbrau at Pavilion KL which sold this brand.

Paulaner is a German brand beer which I heard is very nice to drink. It is a wheat beer with its brewery established in the early 1600s in Munich.

I was initially disappointed as the outlet only sell bottled Paulaner Wheat Beer Natural as I was expecting it coming from the tap. A bottled of this beer (500ml) cost at a whooping RM38

The beer is made from water, malted wheat, malted barley, yeast and hop. It has slightly higher alcohol content at 5.5%

The beer form quite a head once poured on a chilled glass. It has a golden cloudy appearance as it was unfiltered.

Paulaner beer did not disappoint me. It is really smooth as if it was a draught beer. This is definitely the best German beer I had drank to date, let alone the best bottled beer. I will definitely come back for more!


Bengbeng said...

i would love to try this too but not everyday with that price tag :)

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