Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Putra Mosque

Putra Mosque is another prominent building at Precinct 1, Putrajaya. It is the principal mosque in Putrajaya.

The pink coloured dome is the first impression of the Putra Mosque. The huge dome is 36m in diameters and 63m in height from the floor of the main prayer hall.

At the peak of the dome is a pinnacle measuring 19m in height. Besides the main dome, there are 8 smaller dome measuring 8m in diameter.

The main building component for the dome is fibre glass composite for its framework covered with mosaic tiles while the pinnacles is covered with mosaic tiles of a golden hue.

The minaret that was built on the left of the archway is the tallest structure within the Putra Mosque, that is 116m tall.

In the shape of eight-angled star, the minaret is a true reflection os Islamic design and architecture. The minaret is divided into 5 levels to symbolize the 5 pillars of Islam and the five prayer times. At the peak of the minaret is a funnel for the loudspeaker.

The material used in the minaret is matured granite and emul granite. The eight-angled minaret was inspired by the Sheikh Omar Mosque in Baghdad.

The main prayer hall is about 3,600 square meters and can accommodate an assembly of 8,000 people whilst the women prayer hall is about 2,200 square meters and can accommodate an assembly of 2,000.

Beautiful chandelier inside the main prayer hall.

Putra Mosque visiting hour: Saturday-Thursday: 0900-1230, 1400-1600 & 1730-1800; Friday: 1500-1600 & 1730-1800.

Visitors are requested to dress in a proper attire, covering themselves according to Islam. Visitors who do not cover themselves according to Islam are required to put on robes which is available at the main entrance

Female visitors who are menstruating are requested not to enter main prayer hall


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looks so much like the one in jerusalem. not sure though. i think there's also another mosque in malaysia that looks like this and it's color blue.

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looks great, thanks for sharing.

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Some nice shots of places I have never seen before!! Thanks.

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Superb Images
very nice architecture
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Thanks for the info, we are going to visit this week.

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