Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tsingtao Premium Beer

I came across a new product from Tsingtao Brewery which is called Tsingtao Premium in a local supermarket not long ago. I decide to give it a try to see how it fares compare to the standard Tsingtao beer.

Tsingtao Premium is regarded as an "upgrade" version of the standard Tsingtao Beer. The premium beer is sold at RM2.90 in local supermarket and I heard rumor some coffee shops here sell at RM2.50 per bottle. That is just dirt cheap.

The packaging is rather interesting too as they use translucent bottle to showcase the golden colour of the beer itself.

The ingredients used to brew the premium version appear to be similar as to those for the standard Tsingtao beer (Water, Malt, Hops and Rice). It's alcohol content is also slightly lower at 4.6%

Interestingly, Tsingtao Premium Beer is bottled at net content of 296ml as oppose to 325ml by other competitors in the market

The comparison of Tsingtao Premium and the standard Tsingtao beer (640ml)

The expiry date is stamped on the shoulder of the bottle. It definitely has a shelf life of more than a year.

The beer was sweet and malty with a bitter finish. It is typically mild with a slight citrus presence. After finishing the beer, it left a vanilla essence flavour in the mouth.


SJB said...

Not for me (^_^).

the donG said...

bring it over the philippines and let's drink all night. hahaha... we also have great set of beers here. i believe everyone's ready to celebrate the new year.

Anonymous said...

is it good with vanilla essence flavour in the mouth? hehe~

jocelyn said...

hi. saw this post and would like to find out if johor sells this premium qingdao beer?

Borneo Falcon said...

jocelyn: I doubt they sell this in Johor. Even in Selangor and KL I have not come across it

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