Monday, April 28, 2008


A spectacular view of Sibu town taken from the mighty Rejang River. My blog will explore more of this town, which also happen to be my hometown. Note there is a sand siltation form at the middle of the river. This had cause the river getting shallow by the year and our Government is not doing anything about it. One thing famous about Sibu is the town is prone to flooding in this last couple of year (probably I will show some photo if it flooded again soon). This is some of the hardship the town have to endure. The flood always overflow from the bank as the river is getting shallow and still our Government deny that the shallow river is the main cause. Imagine the kitchen pipe is choked, the water will have no where else to flow and cause the basin to be flooded.

Sibu is also famous for its ship building industries but very much limited to barge, tugboat or express boat. Even so, the built quality is still poor by marine standard. The only reason the industry able to sustain itself is because of the cheap labour here. But it might be affected by the booming ship industry in China. We'll see what the future hold.....


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