Sunday, December 20, 2015

Grand Margherita Hotel

In my many visit to Kuching since I was a child, I never stay in Grand Margherita Hotel (previously Holiday Inn Kuching). So, when the opportunity present itself, I decided to stay in this hotel while in Kuching.

Dubbed as Sarawak's first international hotel, the facade suggests that it had stood at its current location for quite sometime now. Its location could not get any better, at the heart of the city centre and beside Kuching Waterfront. Even one of the famous cat statue is right at the door step with Sarawak Plaza just right beside it.

The lobby area is spacious and comfortable. The management has renovated it in order to stay competitive with other 4 star hotels in the city. Check in was a breeze.

Deluxe room (RM 180 with breakfast, RM 160 without breakfast) is modern and comfortable. The only thing I don't like is the old carpet at the walkway leading to the room. However, I notice some of the floor had its walkway's carpet changed.

The room has more than enough pillow one can ask for. They are pretty soft and comfortable. The bed is nice and the room temperature is just right.

The room is what to be expected of any 4 star hotel. One can choose between the city view or river view. I would recommend the river view as it offers a breathtaking view of the Sarawak River, the State Assembly Hall, Mount Santubong and the villages across the river.

There are small swimming pool at the ground floor, one for adult and another one for children. One can walk to the waterfront via an access gate from the swimming pool.

The breakfast here is a pale shadow of what the hotel used to offer in the past. There seems to be lack of variety when it comes to the main dish. Well, I guess that is all part of the austerity measures in uncertain time like this.


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