Saturday, August 4, 2012

Triple One Bistro

Triple One Bistro is one of new food outlets recently opened in Sibu. It is located opposite the Delta Mall, next to the Singapore Chicken Rice shop.

The main dining area is surprising located at the 1st floor. There is not much to mention about its interior decoration. In fact, the wall has an unpleasant look which is quite obvious although covered up with white paint.

The outlet offers a decent choice of flavored tea. I opted for passion fruit tea (RM 10). It comes in a jug tower and should be sufficient for 3-4 person.

Grilled Cheese Baked Chicken Breast (RM 15.90) served with mashed potato, carrot and cauliflower. It has an eye catching presentation and comes with its unique orange sauce.

This is an enjoyable meal. The meat is topped with a layer of cheese and it goes really well with my taste buds. Best eaten with a little bit of its signature orange sauce.

Grilled Fish Filler (RM 18.90) share the similar side dishes as with the grilled chicken breast. I really like the way they prepare the mashed potato.

The grilled fish fillet is equally impressive.  The fillet is grilled to perfection and blend really well with the sauce.

I notice the portion is not huge but it is the quality that counts. It makes me crave for more in the future. The outlet also offers affordable set lunch which worth trying. The owner is very humble and courteous. Definitely a good dining place if patrons do not mind its average ambience.

Triple One Bistro,
No. 12, Lorong 20A, Jalan Pedada


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